White Hat SEO: AMA Session with Mark Preston (Episode 3)

“Ask me anything” (AMA) session with Mark Preston, the founder of “Mark Preston SEO”.

About my guest:

Mark Preston is an SEO specialist with over 16 years of experience in search engine optimization who is based in Lancashire but travels around the UK, training companies and agencies on the very latest SEO techniques.

If your website is written in English, Mark will help you by educating you and your team on what they need to know to enable you to drive new business forward.

He has worked with businesses throughout the world, including UK, Germany, Dubai, Australia and the USA.

TOPIC: Business side of SEO – How to generate more leads and closing better SEO contracts

Here’s the list with questions I asked Mark:

1. How do you get your first SEO client ever? What are the best strategies when you’re just starting out?

2. What is the recommended minimum experience to have before trying to pursue leads?

3. What do I need to do and how fast do I need to do it to show my clients that SEO really works?

4. When you get a new SEO client how would your first 6 months look like?

5. How to make sure the discussion with client is on business side of things (ROI) than technical side (traffic)?

6. Can we (and should we) give guarantee for specific rankings to our clients?

7. What if your client’s traffic and rankings are improving but not their sales? What is the best strategy to adopt?

8. What is the process to estimate the results you are able to provide for a certain client?

9. How to differentiate yourself from the plethora of SEOs so you don’t compete on price, but value?

10. How do you generate the best leads? Do you educate them? Do you pick only the best clients or do you work with anyone?

11. How do you increase your prices without upsetting your clients?

12. How to get rid of crappy clients but still keep the friendship alive?

13. What has been your hardest challenge when scaling up your own agency?

14. How do you build a fulfillment team?

15. How do you build outsourcing teams?

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