Moving from HTTP to HTTPS – SEO Site Environment Checklist

There are numerous SEO benefits of moving to HTTPS from HTTP or having a secure site. However, many people still don’t carry out the entire process correctly.

Moving from HTTP to HTTPS involves quite a few steps after you implement SSL on your site. It is those steps that we cover in this video and that you should also learn how to implement to ensure the smoothest transition possible.

We go over WordPress HTTPS protocols and where to add your new tags. We also make recommendations for plugins like and .

Before rolling out the checklist, you’ll also want to use , , and if you are having SSL issues.

The steps to update your site environment from HTTP to HTTPS include:
1. Update Your Sitemap- using the Yoast SEO plugin or other tools to update is easy.
2. Add site versions to Webmaster Tools- login to your WMT properties and add your new site versions. From there, upload your new sitemap.
3. Update Google Analytics- Admin, Property Settings, Default URL
Bonus: watch the video for the bonus 4th step!

We also cover reasons for a rankings drop after implementing HTTPS.


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