How to Re-Optimize Old Videos to rank higher in search!

Learn how to re-optimize old videos that may not be performing well, so that they can rank higher in search, and help your channel perform better!

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  1. Andrew Kan says:

    First time live with this setup! I was accidentally using mono, learning pains, and there are a few other issues. Might take it down, but also might leave this up.

  2. TruFinancials says:

    Great topic Andrew. It was great to see the updating happen in real time. I’ve been updating old thumbnails and meta data on videos that have gotten very little views in 6 months or more.

  3. Don Moody says:

    Great information Andrew. I know what you are going through on learning curve for mic.

  4. Extreme Food Reviews says:

    Huge fan of Andrew. Wish this live stream worked the way it was supposed to. I feel like we missed out on some really important free advice.
    Maybe next time…?

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