How To Rank Higher In YouTube Search Results! 🔥 YouTube SEO 2018

Let’s talk about how to rank your YouTube videos higher in the search results to get more views and subscribers. In this livestream, we discussed my strategy for ranking videos higher in the YouTube search results.

How To Rank Higher In YouTube Search Results:

1. Ethical Clickbait – You want the video titles to peak the curiosity of the potential viewer. You do not want your titles to be misleading!

2. Compelling Thumbnails – Your thumbnail should compliment the video title, not repeat it. The text and images should be easy to read and the photos should be intriguing.

3. Tags – I keep it simple. I use the VidIQ Chrome extension to see what keywords and tags are working for my competition.

4. Description – The description is very important. It should include the relevant keywords you are trying to rank for. The description should be a 500 word blog post describing the contents of your video.

5. Mirroring – Remember, there is no need to reinvent the wheel! If you see some other channel make a video that gets a lot of views, make your own version of it!

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  1. Out of the City says:

    For up and comers, like myself, if you use Chrome browser and install the some of the chrome apps it allows you to see tags. example from this video are:
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  2. Jeff Woerth says:

    Good stuff brother. I have a refreshed view at video creation now…. thank you so much!

  3. Invest with Sven Carlin, Ph.D. says:

    Thanks for sharing Ryan, really helpful!

  4. K says:

    Are you a millionaire?

  5. Derrick P says:

    Need to adjust your audio settings you are blowing up the ear buds

    • Derrick P says:

      It sounded better after the first 8 minutes or so.  I think you were too loud at first, like when the audio on the camera goes into the red zone.

    • Ryan Scribner says:

      Yes sorry Derrick I completely forgot to hook up my mic, it won’t happen again!

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